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Law Hon-Wah Ceramics Exhibition

In the same spirit exhibited in his previous work, “Phantom of the Sea”, local ceramicist Law Hon-Wah follows up with “Ocean Deep”, an impressive multi-media ceramic art installation that calls to the better angels in all of us to protect our marine ecology. Featuring marine creatures from the blue whale to hermit crabs and jelly fish, Law’s “Ocean Deep” ceramics exhibition is open to the public from 3 August to 10 September, 2017 at The Muse, in the basement of Hotel Stage, between 12 noon and midnight daily.

Spanish Dinner

We know Chef Justin and his team have earned a name for their outstanding Italian pastas and pizzas, but they are not prepared to be pigeon-holed as one trick ponies in the culinary world. Come taste for yourself their brilliance in the Spanish kitchen, from tapas to paella and churro, in Kitchen Savvy from 6 pm daily. Go Spanish all the way and pair the dinner with some delicious Xarel-lo or Tempranillo from the famed organic estate, Albet i Noya, in Penedes.

Walk the Path Less-trodden

As we listen to Ted talks and life coaches, or follow research reports of any kind, we’re told time and again material possessions cannot make us happy – not for long any way. Instead of keeping up with the Jones in acquiring more and more stuff, we should chase experiences, particularly those that transform us and stay with us forever. As we take to the road, see the world and experience for ourselves what this beautiful planet has to offer, the travel industry has taken off in a way we have never previously seen. To satisfy our guests’ desire for an authentic Hong Kong experience Hotel Stage recommends Walk Hong Kong ( to help travellers to discover the hidden gems this world city has to offer, by way of nature, culture and history. Even business travellers can avail themselves to these tours as the length of each varies from many to just a few hours. Take nature, for example, few visitors are aware that over 40% of Hong Kong’s total land area comprises country parks with walking and hiking trails. If your interest lies in hiking up mountains reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, you could do worse than the Pak Sin Range in the New Territories, which was a favourite destination for former governor and hiker Sir David Wilson, a Scot who revels in self-contemplation on hikes in desolate places. If the ocean is close to your heart, you won’t regret joining the Deserted Beaches Hike that takes you to Sai Kung Peninsula, with sandy white beaches passing through the isolated villages of Ham Tin and Sai Wan. You see Chinese culture on display everywhere you look in this amazing city: the smelly dried seafood stores in Western district, the Chinese herbal shops and herbal tea stalls on street corners, offering different concoctions to treat everything from balancing the yin and yang to curing fevers and upset stomachs. But if you want a more in-depth understanding of our history and heritage, Walk Hong Kong has guided tours for that, too. Learn about Feng Shui and temples, or the battles fought in the colonial city during World War II. Do you know that Wong Tai Sin Temple, the largest in Hong Kong, is not a Buddhist place of worship? Wong Tai Sin, or Wong, the Big Deity, was a Daoist priest, yet you find the three Chinese folk religions: Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism, coexist side by side in the temple. The Cantonese are not even real Chinese if we consider the Han people being the authentic Chinese, the Cantonese are merely Nan Man, Southern Barbarians. Get a grip of these idiosyncrasies and more by joining a Walk Hong Kong tour. Go to and book the tour or walk of your choice. Allow at least three days to process your purchase, which is entirely between you and Walk Hong Kong. Show your future walk-booking confirmation upon check-in and Hotel Stage will provide a “Walking Kit” with our compliments.