An Artistic Dialogue Between Father and Son Exhibition

4 Nov, 2022 — 3 Dec, 2022

An Artistic Dialogue


Father and son, a relationship that is supposed to have a strong bonding. But often times, they don’t really show their emotions in daily lives.

They both have so much that they would like to share, but they barely talk to each other.


The father and son of the Ng’s family has chosen to start an artistic conversation and to organize an exhibition together. By substituting language with art, they communicate with each other through art making.


The father, Ng Ko Shek, is a renowned calligrapher. The son, Yuman Ng, is a contemporary artist. The father never teaches the son to calligraph, he thought the son was “not in the right state of mind yet”. In the past thirty something years, the son always spend time at his father’s study room, growing up with the smell of Chinese ink. While the son has developed a unique way to express himself artistically, he came to realization that he has been influenced by his father all these years. When viewing the work of Ng and Ng side by side, there seems to be a connection between their work, they share a mutual theme and artistic style. Sometimes it’s like dancing, sometimes it’s like a dialogue.


Addicted to art making, the father and son of the Ng’s family were both shortlisted for the 2009 Hong Kong Art Biennale Exhibition. They have been practicing art on their own since then for 13 years, until 2022, they have decided to make this joint exhibition happen, showcasing their artistic dialogue to the world.