Heaven and Man as One

8 Sep, 2023 — 7 Oct, 2023

We are a group of art lovers, deeply influenced by Judy Yu Ting Chiang and John Wong’s concept of “Heaven and Man As One”. This time, our works each have their own characteristics or styles. Art comes from life, and we can express our own ideas and artistic spirits on paper. This is really a personal grace bestowed on us by God. How we fit in with God is our lifelong homework!


We all believe that artistic creation should come from personal feelings, sentiments and observations. Techniques are just artistic means, not goals. The purpose of adopting innovative and unique techniques is to express the connotation of the work, which is the most important thing. So far, the artistic concept of “Heaven and Man As One” has been developed.


Painting with the concept of “Heaven and Man As One” sounds a bit exaggerated, but it is not. As far as painting art is concerned, “heaven” represents unknown visual factors, such as some unexpected effects obtained from the combination of media and materials during creation, and “man” refers to the subconscious mind that even oneself cannot clearly interpret. When encountering these short-lived landscapes in creation, we will be pleasantly surprised, because they will hook up the various shapes and colors hidden in the bottom of consciousness deep in the heart. Inspired by the process, it will rise from the bottom of the water, making the artist aware of its existence and enjoying the familiarity in it. Like a dream or self-response, our thinking paradigms, loves and hatreds, vague memories and repressed emotions will emerge massively and become part of the painting. Simply put, “Heaven” is an unknowable factor, and “Human” is an individual’s long-term experience. When combined, the painting becomes unique, three-dimensional and moving, and can connect with the great values ​​of truth, goodness and beauty.

Curator: Elaine Dew



Exhibition Details
Date:  08 Sep – 07 Oct 2023

Time:  12noon – 6pm (Mon – Sat)

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays