Light N Shade in Sustainable 3D Landscape by Margaret Yeung

5 Nov, 2021 — 27 Nov, 2021

This is a simple and tranquil exhibition.


Simply, through the recycling and using of copper wire and waste wood, the ancient literati landscape painting is transformed elegantly into three-dimension.

Tranquilly, light and shadow are added to the artwork, which juxtaposes naturally the artistic form of the ancient with the rhythm of the times.


This is also a participatory art exhibition where viewer will interact with the artworks.


Since the scenery of the literati landscape paintings are poetic and beautiful, simple and tranquil, which always worth savoring. Re-interpreting the aesthetics of literati painting in a three-dimensional way, and integrating with the mobile phone flashlight to allow the shadow to grow on the wall, will finally create another illusory, undisturbed and mystery landscape realm.