Flowery Thoughts – Lee Yim Fong 2023 Solo Exhibition

13 Oct, 2023 — 11 Nov, 2023

The Philosophy Behind the Creation
Art can inspire people to think and make people understand themselves and the world around them better. Therefore, staying true to art is a believe that each of us should adhere to. Let us preserve our love and respect for art together, and remember its bearing and value.
Flowery Thoughts is my fourth solo exhibition. Compared with the previous exhibitions, the characteristics are completely different. Ideas, arrangements of the art pieces, exploration of new themes… are all distinctive. They thoroughly demonstrated the beauty of coexistence and harmony between flowers and animals.
The design is depicted with small brushstrokes and constructed into blooming, captivating and authentic flowers. The concept of visionary and abstraction are illustrated in some paintings with overlaid watercolor.


Viewers are invited to go on the journey and experience nature through the artist’s creative perspective.
Exhibition Details
Date:  13 Oct – 11 Nov 2023
Time:  12noon – 6pm (Monday to Friday)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays