Ten Thousand Miles Ahead By Wai Wai

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Ten Thousand Miles Ahead By Wai Wai

Hotel Stage X Wai Wai
Hong Kong illustrator Wai Wai’s solo exhibition, “Ten Thousand Miles Ahead,” will debut at Hotel Stage on 23 June. The artist uses watercolor paintings as a medium to share stories about the neighborhood she grew up in.
The theme of the drawings is related to various communities and tuck shops in Yau Ma Tei, where Wai Wai was born and raised.
Venue: MUSE Gallery, Basement, Hotel Stage, 1 Chi Wo Street, Jordan
Date: June 23 – July 22, 2018
Opens Daily: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am
Free Admission
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About The Artist

Born and raised in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. Wai Wai is a local illustrator and artist who uses watercolor as her main medium.

In 2016, she studied water-based woodblock printmaking (Mokuhanga) and learned the Etegami (Japanese Folk Art painting) technique in MI-Lab, Lake Kawaguchi, Japan. In 2017, she went to Heilongjiang Province, China, to learn another folk art “fish skin painting”, which was featured in the RTHK TV program “Wind Takers”.

Wai Wai paints illustrations of local vintage shops to bring people closer in their communities. Drawing people is her favourite subject, and putting their diligence and dedication into drawings is her most satisfaction. “A Love Letter to Yau Ma Tei” is Wai Wai’s first published solo album. She holds a Bachelor degree of Arts (Hons) in Creative Media, with a major in film.