The Mandela Effect by Henrik Hui

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The Mandela Effect by Henrik Hui

Mandela Effect refers to the phenomenon of a collective misremembering of specific historical facts or events.

“The Mandela Effect in Hong Kong” is a conceptual documentary illustrating the evolution of Hong Kong through its past to present and future. The project explores the historical legacy and future socio-development of Hong Kong via photography constructing new landscapes of Hong Kong.

Graduated from Master of Fine Art in Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Henrik Hui is a commercial photographer who specializes in food photography and interior photography. He has participated in various projects of hotels, restaurants and hospitality groups which showcase his sophisticated technical prowess.

As the photographic medium has been redefined and shaped by new emerging technologies as well as brand new and innovative formats, Henrik has been looking for breakthroughs in this field by experimenting new concepts and proactive approaches and methodology with his photographic work. He has never confined himself to ordinary photography but has been challenging the nature of photography.

With Henrik’s creativity, everyday objects and landscape in reality are presented in an intriguing way which is serving as straddle between “real” and “unreal”. He is curious about exploring the boundary between people’s perception and the reality, and thus opening up an imaginary space to provoke audience’s thoughts and discussion on the social-cultural nuances in Hong Kong.

Venue: MUSE Gallery, Basement, Hotel Stage, 1 Chi Wo Street, Jordan

Date: July 26 – August 12, 2018

Free Admission

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