Très Très Bleu by Clementine Chan

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Très Très Bleu by Clementine Chan

Hotel Stage X Clementine Chan

Hong Kong Artist Clementine Chan launched her solo exhibition at Muse Gallery in an associated project with Le French May.

Venue: MUSE Gallery, Basement, Hotel Stage, 1 Chi Wo Street, Jordan
Date: June 1 – 18, 2018
Opens Daily: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am
Free Admission
#HotelStage #Muse #TreTreBleu

Global citizen Bluey returns to France with the aim of making the Macaron (and world) great again! With her one-girl Blue Party, she is running for president against Pipi La Pen in the hope of creating a bluer-than-blue sky, bluer-than-blue moon and bluer-than-blues blues. She also takes a detour to Musée de Fous to pay tribute to her favourite artists of all times.
All in all she means to make everything Très Très Blur, ooops, Bleu!

Madcap little Bluey debuted in LFM in their 25th Edition in 2017 and immediately won the hearts of many fun-loving visitors who enjoyed wit and cuteness. The adventures of Bluey and her tiny penguin friend Pipi in Paris were followed with enormous enthusiasm. Featuring digital drawings, oil paintings and 3D figurine, “Très Très Bleu” promises another great adventure in France for all baguette advocates, macaron addicts and diehard “bonbonists”!