Tasting Pinot Noirs

20 May, 2021 — 22 May, 2021

For our wine connoisseurs who are very particular about their wines, could we interest you in an intriguing wine tasting of Pinot Noirs?  In this tasting on 20 – 22 May, 2021, we’re sampling a total of 4 glasses of Pinot Noirs, each from a different country and year so guests can enjoy telling the difference in flavour and texture between each wine. The lineup includes:


  • Edoardo Miroglio Soli 2017 from Nova Zagora, Bulgaria,
  • Bodega Chacra Barda 2016 from Patagonia, Argentina,
  • Two Terrace 2018 from Waipara, New Zealand and
  • Domaine Faiveley Premier Cru 2011 from Clos de l’Ecu Beaune Burgundy, France.


Anticipate fruity perfume of raspberries, strawberries or red cherries from young Pinot Noirs, while oak Pinot Noirs display notes of wet leaves, mushrooms and gamey-meat.



The wine tasting is priced at HKD230 net for 4 glasses of Pinot Noir, 50ml each.


Book your table at Muse Wine Bar: +852 3953 2203